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I’ve been teaching guitar for over thirty years, and have come to believe that everyone can learn to play. What you play and how well you play it is up to you. My job is to show you how.

My students are working musicians, performing artists, professional songwriters, hobbyists, weekend warriors, and just people who love music. I work with each one to develop a command of the skills they need and the ability to delve deeper into any musical style or interest.

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For beginners

Good playing starts with good fundamentals. If you’ve never had a lesson, took lessons years ago, or have never even touched a guitar, everyone can play and it’s never too late to start. Learn the right way from the beginning with a sound, practical approach that has you playing real songs quickly while building real skills.

For more experienced players

No matter what style of music you play, you want to do it confidently. That confidence comes from knowing your instrument, speaking the musical language, and having the technical ability it demands. Most of all, it comes from learning how to practice so that you can identify your own challenges and find solutions.

For songwriters

Using the guitar as a songwriting tool means more than holding chords and strumming. Whatever your skill level is today, learn to expand beyond it with a greater command of rhythm, chords, riffs, and melody.

Specialty areas include:

  • mechanics (playing comfortably and with fluidity)
  • vocabulary (how many chords DO you know?)
  • accompaniment and rhythm skills for singers and songwriters
  • effective practice methods and the mindset for success
  • improvisation and melody playing
  • guitar as a songwriting tool
  • practical music theory

Scheduling is flexible, from one-time tuneups to weekly lessons and intensive multi-lesson bootcamp sessions!

Get in touch to schedule a session. If you can’t get to Nashville, take a lesson from anywhere in the world via Skype.

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Watch video: thoughts on teaching.

One Response to Private Sessions

  • If I can figure out Skype I’d be very interested in lessons. I want to know more chord theory; I am stuck in “the usual”. I saw your piece on Kim Copeland’s Fine Tune– awesome. I want to learn more voicings, make chords more interesting, better progressions. I am confident it also will help unlock melodies. I am a writer [performed long ago but at a low “who didn’t think they could play in the 70s” coffee house/bar music room level]. Books and magazine articles just don’t help me much.

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